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Major General Jameel: 125 deaths recorded in the past two days in Aden the capital

SMA News / Aden / Exclusive
Major General Sanad Jameel, head of Personal Status Authority and Civil Registry at the Ministry of Interior, revealed that the number of deaths that have been recorded since noon on Thursday to Friday noon reached 60 deaths, just five deaths from last day.

Major General Jamil said that most of the deaths were received from the police stations, while a few cases were registered in hospitals such as Al-Gamhorya Hospital, which had 6 deaths, three of which remained in isolation until the necessary procedures were completed.

The head of the Personal Status Authority and the civil registry added that the number of deaths due to shortness of breath were few today, indicating that the authority suffers from not knowing the causes of death as most of the reports that come from the sections of the condition are unable to determine the cause of death because the families do not know reasons of death and only look for a burial paper form.

Major General Jameel indicated that he still appeals to the necessity of having a specialized medical team to follow up on these cases, because the normal number that the administration was restricting previously in the day from nine to ten deaths as a maximum, but during the past two days the number of deaths reached 65 and 60 cases and this is a remarkable and dangerous issue .

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