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Mansour Saleh: Security and Stability in Yemen and the Region will Never Be Achieved Unless the Southern Cause is Solved.

SMA News – Sputnik – Follow-ups

In a phone call with Sputnik, Mansour Saleh, a prominent leader in the Southern Transitional Council said: “The problem in the Yemeni crisis is that its two parties, president Hady and Al-Houthis, are not willing to end it. Al-Houthis try to sustain their existence and bit on the legitimacy’s failure and its inability on the ground while the legitimacy sees the end of war as the end of its day in power as they know well that they are not publicly accepted. Of course, any political settlement will bring a new regimen to office and of course, symbols of the legitimacy will not be part of it”.
He added: “this war is paid for by the poor who pay their bloods and a handful of influential in the legitimacy and Al-Houthis gain revenues from it. Thanks to this war, most leaders of both parties became rich investors. This is who they prolong it”.
He indicated: “Actually, there is a chance for inclusive permanent peace as this war will never be determined for any party by weapons. But this can drive the world towards an unfair settlement that keeps everything as it is just to end the war. According to allies between the legitimacy and the Arab Coalition, things will never remain the same as it was during the past four years. Muslim Brotherhood, a strong wing in the legitimacy interred this war to exhaust the Coalition and build an army for their party that is not concerned with the current conflict”.
He added: “If the Arab Coalition is to achieve real results on the ground, they need to revise their strategies and find honest and active powers on the ground that real want determination. The southern resistance achieved victory and liberated their lands a very short time. The southern transitional council thinks the only solution is to stop fight and foster an inclusive political settlement in addition to respecting the rights and expectations of the southern people in restoring their state. the council notified all influential powers in the Yemeni file that security and stability in Yemen and the region can never be achieved unless the southern cause is solved through respecting the southern will. Any thing but this is a waste of time”.
Saleh asserted that the southern transitional council thinks representing the south through its rightful representative, the council itself, is the best way to solve the southern cause and respect the southern will in restoring the southern state.

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