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Mass Crowds Demonstrate in Modia – Abian in Support of STC and Southern Armed Forces

SMA News – Abian – Exclusive
Mass crowds demonstrated in Modia – Abian, in support of the Southern Transitional Council and to reject the existence of northern troops in Abian. Demonstrators raised southern flags and pictures of the martyr “Muneer Al-Yafaei” in addition to repeating slogans supporting the council and security belt forces.
After the demonstration, a consultative meeting for tribal leaders and public figures of Abian issued a statement including:

  1. Supporting the political leadership of the Southern Transitional Council to preserve security and stability of Abian and Aden.
  2. Supporting citizens of Loder in the face of Muslim Brotherhood militias working under cover of the legitimacy and not to allow them to disturb security and stability of Loder.
  3. The meeting demands all those who are misled not to participate in this war against their southern brothers and to return home to the south.
  4. The meeting asserts that Modia and the whole central zone will no longer be safe for terrorist elements coming from Mareb to invade and occupy Aden and Abian. We also warn those who support them by all means.
  5. The meeting appreciates the leadership of president Aidarous Al-Zubaidi and the Southern Transitional Council who are eager to fulfill the expectations of the southern people and restore the southern state.
  6. The meeting recommends STC to coordinated with the Arab Coalition to solve the problem of Salaries of military personnel of the fourth military zone and not to give any elements that revolted against Hady’s legitimacy to misuse such reactions.
  7. The meeting appreciates strong relations between STC, the political carrier of the southern cause, and the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE.

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