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Massive Public Uprising in Rudfan in Response to Calls of the Southern Transitional Council and in Denouncement of Practices of Corrupt Government

SMA News – Rudfan – Lahj
Al-Hubailin – Rudfan in Lahj witnessed a massive march and public uprising against the corruption of legitimacy government. Protesters denounced the hunger, impoverishment, oppression and humiliation policies practiced the the government against the southern people. The uprising came in response to the calls of the southern transitional council and the escalation commission.

Protesters also denounced all negotiations that exclude the southern power in control on the ground as such negotiations target overcoming the southern will.

Protesters asserted their intention of continuing protests and revolutionary escalation till all goals of the southern revolution are achieved. They demanded the dismissal of the Muslim Brotherhood legitimacy government that led to poor living conditions, high prices and lack of services.

Protesters also thanked the Arab Coalition countries, headed by Saudi Arabia and UAE, for their support of the southern people against Al-Houthi/Yemeni invasion. At the same time, they demanded the Arab Coalition to help the southern people achieve the dream of establishing the southern state with its capital in Aden. They asserted that individual behaviors that tries to insult the Arab Coalition don’t represent public opinion in Rudfan.

Dr. Fadl Hammash, chairman of the southern transitional council of Lahj, and Mukhtar Al-Nubi, commander of the 5th brigade backup and support, in addition to members of the council’s presidency, national assembly and locak leadership of Rudfan. Commander Al-Nubi asserted the heroic deeds of Rudfan citizens and asserted that the armed forces are part of thie people and will defend its will and choices. The protesters issued the following statement:

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious

Statement of the Southern Transitional Council of Rudfan

Dear revolutionary people who are eager to expel corrupts who robe the wealth, expectations and future of the southern people. Rudfan will always remain the main spot of revolution and castle of freedom. It will defeat invaders and overthrow tyrants and corrupts. From here we will ignite the first spark of the revolution and from here crowds of free men will march. Rudfan is always in the front line of courage and sacrifice.

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