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10 cases of the # Corona virus on board a cruise ship carrying 3,700 passengers from 56 countries.

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Japanese officials confirmed today, Wednesday, that ten people on board of a cruise ship anchored off the coast of Yokohama (mid-west) are infected with the new corona virus.


The Ministry of Health announced the results of the tests conducted by adding that it was confirmed that ten people were infected with the virus, out of thirty-one who underwent medical tests yesterday.


The ministry indicated that the injured passengers were taken to hospitals and that their conditions were “not serious”, indicating that it believed that the cause of the injury was mainly due to the contact between an old passenger on board the ship from Hong Kong earlier.


A Japanese official said the two men toured a bus with an old woman from Hong Kong, 80, after landing the ship at another port in southern Japan.


The old man was the first person to be evacuated from the ship after it was discovered that he was infected with the new Coronavirus.


On board “Princess of Diamonds”, or “Diamond Princess” as it is called in English, anchored off the shores of Yokohama since last Monday, there are tourists from 56 countries and regions (Japanese).


The ministry is now monitoring 3,700 tourists, crew members and workers on board the ship, in a preventive attempt to prevent the spread of the virus.


Samples were collected from 120 people who showed symptoms of the disease, such as high temperatures.


Medical teams that transported in small boats also conducted tests on 153 tourists who suspected that they “rubbed” with the old woman from Hong Kong, and that the detention imposed on the ship’s kick is expected to last 14 days, pending the completion of the tests.

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