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Arab Parliament denounces Houthis’ banning of Tarawih prayers in areas under their control

SMA NEWS – Cairo

The Arab Parliament condemned the Houthis’ banning of Tarawih prayers in Sanaa’s mosques and other areas under their control by force of arms, Yemen’s state news agency Saba News reported on Sunday.

The parliament said this behavior was considered one of multiple flagrant violations committed by the militia against Yemeni people.

“This hateful behavior contradicts the principles of religions and contradicts international conventions that affirm respect for freedom of belief and the protection of places of worship,” the Arab Parliament said in a statement.

It also said the behavior is added to the militia’s record of multiple crimes against humanity. It added that Houthis are showing their lack of respect to the sanctity of religious rituals and the feelings of Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

“The militia’s attempts to impose its religious views and beliefs by force on the Yemeni people is a form of religious terrorism practiced by them along with their continuous terrorist attacks against civilians,” the statement read.

The Arab Parliament called on regional and international unions and organizations to reject and denounce the Houthis actions that targets the principles of religious coexistence and social peace in the country.

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