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Egyptian security forces kill “green man” after trying to carry out stabbing attack in media production city



The Egyptian media published photos of the man who was killed by the security forces, on Wednesday, after trying to carry out stabbings inside the city of media production.

The man appeared in the pictures with a sword in his hand, while a member of the security forces tried to confront him with a wooden stick, but after the attempt failed, he was killed on the spot.

In the investigations, the Egyptian prosecution confirmed that the accused man was in his third decade and had stabbing weapon.

A source inside the Media Production City said that the young man was not caught inside the city, but was trying to jump from the top of the fence from the outside.

In the photos, a person painted his body in a green color and security officers were surprised by him infiltrating into the media production city with a large stabbing weapon in his hand, and when they tried to stop and seize him, he attacked them and wounded 3 security personnel, in which the police forces chased and shot the man to his death.


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