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In light of Egyptian efforts to remedy this, Tripoli is the first Arab capital under Turkish occupation ..!


After the sudden field changes in the Libyan war, and the forces of Field Marshal Haftar have been subjected to setbacks during the past days, the Egyptian leadership is making great efforts to reach a cease-fire in the country mired in chaos, but it is still currently supporting the strongman in the Libyan East, according to analysts.

Haftar’s forces control eastern Libya and most of its oil wealth, since April 2019, it has launched an attack on the forces of the internationally recognized National Accord government aimed at controlling Tripoli, but it has recently retreated.

Since the fall of Moammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011, Libya has been in chaos. Since 2015, the two powers of government have been in conflict, the national reconciliation government led by Fayez al-Sarraj, based in Tripoli (west), and a parallel government supported by Field Marshal Haftar in the east of the country.

Haftar does not recognize the legitimacy of the Saraj government, which was formed under the Skhirat agreement in Morocco, under the supervision of the United Nations in December 2015.

In recent weeks, Haftar’s forces, which have continued to fight for 14 months, have collapsed, as forces of the National Accord government – which Turkey strongly supports – forced them to retreat not only from the capital, but from western Libya entirely to the city of Sirte.

Haftar’s forces also lost sites in western Libya, and retreated to the city of Sirte, the eastern entrance and oil fields.

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