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Islah military leader turns against legitimate forces and joins the Houthi militia


A military leader in the Islah party announced, and three other soldiers, on Thursday, that they split from the legitimate forces and joined the Houthi forces.


The Houthi leader, Mohammad Al-Bokhaiti, posted on Twitter, photos gathered him with the leader of the Islah Party, and the media person in Nahm front, Ibrahim Mohammad Hussein Al-Hillani, and the commander of the 1st Battalion Brigade in Haradh front, Ahmed Sadiq Abdullah al-Aqibi, and his colleague Meshaal Hamid Saleh Abdullah Ghader.


Al-Bokhaiti explained – in the tweet – that Al-Hilani and Al-Aqibi returned with two military cars, one of them armored, carrying weapons and thermal and night-time goggles … indicating that the other two were on Marib front, and they followed Brigade 139 of Hadi, and they had personal weapons and a net gun.


The incident of defection from the rapid forces is the second, in less than two months. as Captain Ali Abdullah Saleh Al-Sabri, Director of the Office of the Commander of Al-Baidha Axis, Commander of the 117th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Abdul Rab Al-Asbahi, appeared on the 19th of last May, alongside the Houthi leader Mohammed Al-Bokhaiti in Sana’a, after receiving 100 million Saudi riyals from the Coalition, with the aim of opening a front against the Houthis in Al- Baidha.

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