Soon… An Operetta Linking Past and Present of the South


[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]he general secretariat and department of culture of the Southern Transitional Council will soon broadcast an operetta titled “Memories of Present of November 30th” on social media. The operetta is composed by Abbas Mansour Masoud, music distribution of Ahmed Guman, voice of Sanad Mahmoud and others and art direction of Bandar Aden Channel and Pixel Group.
The operetta represents a major artistic event in Aden that mixes different past and present stages of the southern history in an artistic and cultural form.
Abbas Masoud, rhyme and music composer of the operetta, said: “Memories of Present represents our glorious past that lives in us and guides those who lost their way in the present. We tried to link the symbols of the southern revolution as represented in the grandson who see light of glory at the tomb of his grandfather while the grandfather sees, from his grave, the light of hope in his grandson”.
Amr Mohamed Okail, chairman of the department of culture said: “The operetta is mixing different stages of the southern struggle in rhymes and music in addition to expressionist dances and folk songs redistributed in a modern way. This provides the operetta with artistic harmony that suites this glorious national occasion”.

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