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Motorcycle re-circulation in the streets of the capital #Aden

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After the failure of legitimacy to implement the Riyadh Agreement, Aden the capital witnessed the return of motorcycles and their spread in the streets of the capital Aden extensively.

Where there were more prevalent motorcycles in the Sheikh Othman district from the square of Abdul-Qawi to the Hashemi.

This comes after the failure of the legitimacy to circumvent Riyadh Agreement and the non-implementation of its terms, in which the southern forces refuse and prevent them from entering terrorists to the capital Aden.

It aims to return the motorcycles with the return of the theft and the serial assassinations to the scene again, which will be chained against unknown persons like its predecessors, not to mention the insane speed, inconvenience and accidents.

Citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the return of the motorcycles again in the streets of the capital Aden.

Citizens demanded Aden security and the traffic police to return the campaign again and arrest the motorcycles, in order to complete the previous campaigns directed by the Arab coalition directly.

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