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National Assembly Discusses Final Arrangements of the Second Round to Be Held in Al-Makla

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive

On Monday February 11th, 2019, the Southern National Assembly discussed final arrangements of the its second round to be held next week in Al-Makla – Hadhramaut.
Ahmed Lamlas, secretary general of the Southern Transitional Council, and Dr. Anis Lockman, deputy chairman of the National Assembly, headed the meeting as Lockman appreciated the efforts of the council and president Al-Zubaidi to facilitate holding the second round successfully in Al-Makla.
In his speech, Ahmed Lamlas asserted that president Al-Zubaidi is very eagry for the success of this round and to solve all problems that may hinder it. He said: “We are here today to discuss final arrangements of the second round of the Southern National Assembly in Al-Makla – Hadhramaut. This round is very significant as Hadhramaut has a supreme rank in the south and the south could never be united without Hadhramaut.
Nasser Harhara, secretary of the National Assembly asserted that all arrangements are done as special committees worked separately for these arrangements and other committees will work during the round, especially media and intellectual aspects.
Discussion concentrated on preparing decisions, suggestions and outcomes of this round, especially aspects of major interest that will fulfill the southern people’s expectations in their right of self-determination and restoring their independent state.
The meeting discussed the second round agenda, missions of special commissions, reports of corruption in electricity sector and robbing the state’s lands according to the legislative and monitoring roles of the assembly. The meeting also discussed the economic situation in the valley of Hadhramaut, Shabwa and Mukiras in addition to other relevant issues.

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