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New Surprises About the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

SMA News – Egypt – Agencies
Dr, Mohamed Abd Al-Aty, Egyptian minister of irrigation and water supplies, indicated that Egypt faced several surprises by Addis Ababa concerning the renaissance dam. Dr. Abd Al-Aty indicated that the dam was agreed upon in 2008 but in 2011 Egypt was surprised by another dam on the Blue Nile, with unagreed upon measurements. He added: Egypt cooperated positively for several years and the three countries agreed on choosing consultative offices to study the dam and its effects, but other partners didn’t consider our concerns as we have no other water source except the Nile. Our share is only 55.5 billion cubic meters while there is more than 7000 billion cubic meters of water. This makes our total share less than 1% of Nile water. He added that this file needs patient negotiations and the Egyptian concern should be translated into positive actions to solve our water problems adding that Cairo university is preparing studies about underground water supplies to prepare a developmental map towards these places. He added that although rain water is relatively small, but it is of great significance to us now.

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