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Official Statement of the Southern Transitional Council Issued on Thursday August 16th, 2019

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive

The south is now passing a critical and delicate stage in its history, created by our victories to put us on the edge of a new stage that will coronate our fierce struggle and major sacrifices for freedom along two decades since occupation of the south in 1994. The last of these events happened at the beginnings of this month that led to securing Aden and restoring stability to the south after a crisis imposed on the southern transitional council and the council dealt with it wisely to preserve bloods and avoid the hostility of enemies of the south.
Greetings to the glorious southern people who proved, through all sectors of the society, that we are kin on avoiding this crisis according to the southern culture of tolerance and reconciliation. This was the determinative factor that ending the crisis and all its consequences. Our people personified an epic defending our national gains through the million march of determination and empowerment. Our people imposed our public will.
Greetings also to all commanders and soldiers who took the side of the southern will and joined the southern armed forces as they are an essential core of these troops since the battel against Iranian expansion in 2015.
We can never forget the role of the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and their efforts in dealing with the crisis through inviting all parties to a dialogue in Jeddah as soon as its arrangements are complete. We also thank the efforts of all regional countries and international organizations and expect their positive response to the expectations of our people.
In spit of all complications of this crisis, it is now clear to the regional and international public opinions that our cause is fair as it is the cause of a country, a state and an identity. It is a political cause with all its roots since the occupation of the south in 1994. It is now also clear that procrastination, staleness and lack of positive treatment with the southern will will only create more complications and risks for the regional and international security. This is what we felt from overt and covert political opinions that showed concern in addition to the attitudes of regional and international powers and organizations during the recent crisis of Aden.
Our historical responsibility in the council necessitates that we should reasonably deal with ground facts according to the size of this stage demands and rights through a clear national strategy based on the following:
• The aim of the southern people is to restore the independent federal state of the south and this is an irreversible choice. All southern people are partners in victory and responsibility of establishing security and stability of the south through reconstructing organizations and dealing with the consequences of Aden events in addition to fostering the southern integrity. We are all also partners in restoring respect to Aden and caring for families of martyrs and injured of the south equally.
• According to principles of the the southern transitional council as expressed in Aden Historical Declaration and the public delegation of the council, we assert that the south is for all southern based on national partnership, tolerance and reconciliation. We also assert that all those who participated in these events, either purposefully or non-purposefully, are our brothers and partners and we should secure and comfort them according to our national responsibility. We are also responsible for securing all southern citizens except for those who belong to the terrorist groups.
• All acts of corruption, favoritism and seeking self-interest through public offices are criminalized.
• We reject the policy of false accusations of treason and rumors aiming to taking political vengeance.
• Initiating a serious dialogue that eliminates all barriers resulting from past mistakes and providing a solid ground for independence through reaching a national reconciliation that grants an effective representation of the south in upcoming negotiations.
• Mobilizing all efforts, potentials, efficacies and capabilities to run the south wisely and face the consequences accumulated over several decades of robbery, corruption and impoverishment.
• Local authorities in Aden and all over the south should bear their civil and services responsibilities to fulfill the needs of citizens including electricity, water, fuel, medical care and sewer. They should improve all the demands related to the daily living of citizens urgently and neutralizing people’s interests away from any political conflict in addition to facing all types of corruption.
• Fostering partnership between the council and local authorities of directorates and governorates for planning, security and people’s demands in addition to improving education, electricity, water, cleaning and health care services.
• We demand all citizens to foster tolerance among themselves in addition to national integrity and lineup to protect the south and preserve public and private properties in addition to helping security services and reporting terrorist cells.
• Supporting southern cadres that prove integrity and empower them to exercise their responsibilities.
• Reconsidering a mechanism for importing and selling oil extracts.
• Resolving land conflicts and ending random takeover that maimed the civilized appearance of Aden in addition to re-planning all slums in Aden and all major cities.
• Allocating available resources from internal and external support in addition to private sector donations to effectively use resources and achieve balance, efficiency and sustainability.
• Security systems and military units are kindly requested to assume their national responsibilities in securing public and private properties and sustaining security and stability in addition to being fully alert for all dealing with any security breaches.
• Activating the role of criminal investigations, police forces and reconstructing security organizations through providing them with effective cadres and training new recruiters.
• Ending chaos, security breaches and all armed aspects including assassinations, random gun fire and carrying weapons in Aden and all southern cities through issuing weapons authorizations according to specific and accurate criteria.
• Activating the role of courts and DA offices to speed up the legal processes.
• Improving legal systems of arrest and facing the illegal takeover of public and private properties.
• Using all available resources to eliminate terrorism and achieve local, regional and international political stability.
• Transferring all military units to camps outside Aden except for backup and support forces and public security forces.
• Liberating the rest of Hadhramaut valley, Bihan, Mukiras and any other southern territory that is still suffering from terrorism and occupation.
• Fighting corruption according to principles of efficiency and integrity of public services
• Protecting the private sector from any manipulation according to laws and legislations regardless the identity of the manipulator.
• Establishing a national association of southern media that participates in refining the media policy and unifying media discourse.
• Establishing several southern media tools that cover audio, televised, printed and electronic media with qualified cadres and proper infrastructure.
• Adopting an illuminating discourse that reflects our civilized southern national identity.
• Reforming the educational system (basic – tertiary – vocational – technological – research) and improving its standards and curricula that destroyed the national identity of the south and tolerance of Islam.
• Paying more attention to women education and literacy in addition to providing talents with proper care.
• Supporting scientific research and establishing training and qualification associations to improve social awareness towards education.
• Reforming religious discourse to immunize the southern society against violence, extremism, terrorism and political, ethical and intellectual anomalies in addition to using youth power positively to reconstruct the society.
• Activating all vital economic facilities (ports – airports – refineries – public and private companies).
• Imposing effective scrutiny to protect customers form illegal increases in prices and cheating.
• Encouraging investments and preparing an attractive environment for southern capitals residing abroad and foreign capitals as well.
• Empowering the effective role of private sector in initiating service and investment projects to refresh the national economy and decrease rates of poverty and unemployment among youth.
• Encouraging the establishment of NGOs that are not politically oriented to exercise its roles in fulfilling the needs of the society.
• To participate effectively in solving economic and social problems in addition to fostering social security and coexistence through preserving rights, soles and blood.
• We are committed to protecting the headquarters and staff of humanitarian and law-making international organizations, diplomatic delegations and interests of foreign countries and companies in the south in addition to facilitating their transportation all over the south.
• Coordinating with donors to provide the requirements of humanitarian aids, development projects and reconstruction efforts through improving coordination, communication and partnership with regional and international organizations.
• The south is part of the Arab world and will remain a critical point in preserving the Arab national security and exhausting all expansive projects that may jeopardize the national security of Gulf states and the Arab World.
• We are fully committed to the Arab Coalition in fighting Al-Houthis and the Iranian agenda in the region.
• We are committed to dialogue as a mechanism for resolving international political conflicts and we are willing to participate in any dialogue fostered by the Arab Coalition, Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab League or UN.
• We are in an open war against terrorism that requires regional and international support to our troops and to provide the security systems with anti-terrorism logistics to eliminate terrorism from the south.
• We are committed to supporting northern national resistance against Al-Houthi militias and Iranian agendas with full denunciation of the existence of any northern military units in the south as their natural place is in battlefields with Al-Houthis.
• We are committed to securing work and transportation for our northern brothers in Aden and all over the south according to legal documents to protect them.
We pray for God for mercy to our martyrs, quick healing for the injured and freedom for the captives in Al-Houthis’ prisons.
The Southern Transitional Council
Aden in August 15th, 2019

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