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On statements of commander in the Revolutionary Guards … Kuwait summons the Iranian ambassador

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The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry summoned on Friday, the Iranian ambassador to Kuwait, against the backdrop of statements made by an official of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards related to the killing of Quds Force commander Qasim Soleimani in Baghdad in early January.

The Kuwaiti News Agency, “KUNA” said: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Iranian ambassador to Kuwait, Mohammad Irani, where he met with Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Jarallah, against the background of repeated statements by the commander of the Air Force satellite in the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, in which he stated that the base of  Ali Al-Salem in Kuwait participated, among other bases in the region, in the operation that was carried out near Baghdad airport recently.

Al-Jarallah expressed Kuwait’s resentment and surprise at the repetition of such statements. Once again, Kuwait categorically denied the participation of any plane from Ali Al-Salem base, indicating what was previously denied by the General Staff of the Army in its statement on the participation of any of the Kuwaiti bases in this operation.

Al-Jarallah asked the Iranian ambassador to issue a clarification from officials in Iran on the truth of the aforementioned Kuwait position, and such statements would harm the relations between the two countries should not be repeated.

The General Staff of Kuwaiti Army had previously denied categorically the incorrect information circulated in some media and social media on use of Kuwaiti military bases to carry out attacks against specific targets in neighboring country.

And the Chief of Staff of the Kuwaiti Army confirmed, in a statement last Sunday, that Kuwaiti bases were not used in these operations, according to the Kuwaiti News Agency “KUNA”.


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