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On the 4th Anniversary of “Storm of Determination”, President Al-Zubaidi Delivers a Speech.

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive

On the 4th Anniversary of “Storm of Determination”, President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, president of the Southern Transitional Council, delivered a significant speech. SMA News is publishing the English translation of the speech:
In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious
Who Said: “God made it as comfort to your hearts, and only God can bring Victory, as God is the Almighty”.
And peace be upon prophet Mohamed, God’s messenger, and his companions as well.
Our Glorious Southern People
Today, we are celebrating the 4th anniversary of the “Storm of Determination” that blew on vicious aggressors and saved our nation from being victim to extremism. Today, we are entering a new stage of victory where invaders fell and atmosphere became friendly for the revolution. Where eagles of Determined Salman and Willing Mohamed dominated the skies. It was an unforgettable night when the principles of defending the weak and defying the aggressor are clear. An Arabian night full of courage, will and dignity. First of all, peace be upon the soles of martyrs and greetings for the Arab Coalition countries’ kings, rulers and peoples who sacrificed a lot for us and still do, for our present and our future.
Dear sons and daughters:
Four years ago, the Arab Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, interfered to save our people and our lands and supported us in the face of coup forces led by Iran through its political and military arms in Yemen represented in Al-Houthi militias, to abolish the history of this land and change the identity of its people in an unpreceded act in history. The decision was decisive as it didn’t leave any choice for aggressors who never wanted peace. They killed civilians in cities and villages. They didn’t show any mercy to the weak, neither children nor women and elderly. They violated the God’s sanctities and destroyed what shouldn’t be destroyed. They didn’t leave any ethics and didn’t preserve any value. The fight was, and still is, self-defense. A defense for religion, dignity, nationality and Arab lands with all its history and civilized heritage. We defend against the aggression of full occupation that invaded every house and every corner of this land with death and humiliation. We sacrificed the soles of our most honorable men and women. We fought bravely and our courageous southern resistance wrote glorious lines in the book of history with flames and fire. We all faced the death machine with swords of victory and deterred destruction with right till we achieved victory. We expressed our eagerness for freedom and dignity and defended justice. We proved for the whole world that we are serious in achieving our goals. Our peacefulness in any stage was never an expression of weakness. Instead, it was a sincere expression of loving peace.
We denounced occupation and coup in every corner of the south in way that invaders understand well. We gave major sacrifices. But we took an auth before God and the people not to abandon the goals of our martyrs till they are fully achieved. Invaders prepared well and risks were about to overcome the whole country. But support of our Arab brothers changed the whole situation. This attitude will never be forgotten in history and we will always feel grateful for this noble and brave act that saved lives of civilians and saved the whole nation from falling under the steps of death coming from caves of evil.
Our Glorious Southern People
Liberation of the south was a dream achieved by your own hands and you sacrificed a lot for the safety and security of this nation after invasion and coup forces left this soil. But we are still assuming a historical responsibility towards preserving this major achievement, based on our national principles and the will of our people to gain freedom and full sovereignty over our national soil. We still face challenges and obstacles but we should overcome them bravely. Terrorist groups related to coup and other political parties are still finding safe places for them to launch their attacks on the south and destabilize our security and disturb people’s safety. They want to terrorize people and force them to forsake their national project. Storm of Determination didn’t fight the coup only, but also fought all kinds of terrorism. The past four years proved that several parties support terrorism and extremism. It became a political tool used by parties that are against the southern national project, especially Al-Houthi militias and Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen. Both parties, supported by regional countries, are using terrorism and armed militias to achieve their vicious goals against the region and its national security. Both political and military arms of Muslim Brotherhood even disguised under the cover of legitimacy and pretended to support the Arab Coalition while they were doing their best to fail the Arab Project in our lands. What is happening now in Taiz, Hajja, Serwah and Al-Baid is a living evidence on that. We are callers of peace. But the desired peace will never be at the expense of our cause and our people’s rights. We will never abandon our rights and goals and terrorism will never force us to do so. The valley of Hadhramaut is suffering terrorism and should be safe. Citizens of Hadhramaut should have full opportunity to run their territories, protect it and use its fortunes, no one else has this right. Also in Bihan, Al-Okla and old directorates of Shabwa, in all southern territories that face our enemy’s conspiracy. We closely observe all details and are very kin on securing these territories and help their citizens to recover their rights.
Dear Citizens Everywhere:
What is after the Storm of Determination will never be the same as before it. Today, we are opening the door of a new stage and a new era. We have political rights we should prepare for. We should send a message to the international society that we, the southern people, are ready for peace. We exist on our lands and eager for our state and identity. And we will never accept less than this. We assert our support to UN efforts for peace. We also assert that the southern cause exists in the south, over its land and protected by its people. Achieving peace will never be through exclusion and unrealistic and illogical solutions. It can only be achieved through a realistic project according to new ground facts in addition to undeniable historical facts.
Our brave heroes of Southern Resistance:
You are the ones whom we are celebrating today as you changed events and created history during this war. You identified its direction. No one can forget your guns fighting Al-Houthi expansion when other escaped and abandoned their national responsibilities towards themselves and their people whom they exploited for decades. You are the real bit of this nation and the real ally for the Arab Coalition who proved honesty and courage. You deserve appreciation for your sacrifices as you fought with your guns and your strong national fighting spirit. Peace be upon you today and every day. You are the core of our forces defending the Arab Project. You fought bravely, hand in hand, with the Arab Coalition at the depth of Yemeni territories and you were loyal enough to achieve the noble goal of this war. Our country is our responsibility. So, let us be all responsible enough to assume it. Greeting for our heroes in the battlefields of honor and dignity.
May God provide mercy for the martyrs, quick healing for the injured and freedom for the captives
Peace be upon you all.

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