A Failure After Another … Government!!!

Neeran Sawki

Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council
Deterioration of national currency in exchange of foreign currencies is a direct result of printing more banknotes without coverage. In return, foreign currencies are bought with high prices by traders and influential members of the government. It is obvious that national currency is collapsing while there are no wise policies of the board of Central Bank. Even this board failed because of corruption inside. Oil extracts are lacking, basic services are collapsing and dismissed employees and retirees receive their pensions every three months if any. This is what I call “Disaster”.
We my reach famine as regular citizens, especially in liberated territories, no longer can afford food and water for themselves and their families. Normal simple life simply disappears leading to full collapse of social ladder that will in turn leads to increased crime rates and lack of morality. Living conditions of families may drop below zero line. All this is the responsibility of this careless government that is assumed responsible for people’s lives. The government should stop manipulating people’s lives and assumes the consequences of anger among people demanding its overthrowing.

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