A real predicament!

By\ Alaa Adel Hanash
SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

The Southern Transitional Council, on Thursday, September 2, 2021, has put the Yemeni legitimacy in a real predicament, the press conference of the National Southern Media Authority, and the outcomes of the periodic meeting held by the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council headed by President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, in the presence of the Council’s ministers in the parity government, touched on facts, and accused, frankly, the Yemeni legitimacy of being behind the deterioration of the electricity supply by not fulfilling its obligations to provide fuel; The fuel file is in the hands of the Prime Minister, Moeen Abdul Malik.

The Southern Transitional Council’s emphasis on the necessity of the return of the government of parity between the south and the north, and its Prime Minister, Moeen Abdul Malik, to the southern capital, Aden, as soon as possible, to face the current challenges, and it is a clear indication of the evasion of the Prime Minister and the ministers present abroad from carrying out their responsibilities towards the citizens, according to the outputs of the Riyadh Agreement, and this was evident from the unwillingness of the Prime Minister and those with him to return to the capital, Aden, to carry out their duties entrusted to them.

Also, the Southern Transitional Council warned that the electric power will go out of service within less than (24) hours in the capital, Aden, due to fuel exhaustion, and the other consequent crises in all service sectors such as water, health and others, and it held the parity government fully responsible for the deterioration of services, which witnessed relative stability during the last period, specifically blamed the prime minister and ministers abroad for the deterioration of electricity.

For those who say that the Southern Transitional Council evades, or throws the responsibility above the Yemeni legitimacy whenever it wants.. Ok, I challenge the Prime Minister of the government of parity, and the ministers present abroad, to appear in the media, and clarify everything, or at least deny the Southern Transitional Council on the accusations it made for the prime minister and government ministers who are abroad.

The Transitional Council’s call for the importance of implementing the remaining provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, as soon as possible, and its assertion that the agreement is the only and safe way out to reach a comprehensive peace process that ensures effective participation for all to confront the Iranian threat posed by the terrorist Houthi militia, is considered an exoneration of what the Transitional Council will do in the forthcoming period.

Legitimacy scandals and some ministries were clearly revealed today. Eng. Adnan al-Kaf, member of the Presidency of the Transitional Council, head of the Higher Committee for Relief and Humanitarian Action, and Aden’s Undersecretary for Development Affairs, revealed during the press conference large debts to the Electricity Corporation in the capital, Aden, which fall on the shoulders of the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Interior, and demanded that they pay it, given that the two ministries have the capabilities to pay the electricity and water debts, and this reveals the clear service conspiracy run by the Brotherhood’s legitimacy against the people of the south, and against the Southern Transitional Council in particular.

The Southern Transitional Council today, by coming out in front of the people, and clarifying everything, has crammed those involved in torturing the people into a narrow corner, and the Southern Transitional Council’s calls for the need for the parity government to return to the capital of the South, Aden, will not last long, and the time will come when the Council, and with it all the honorable people of the South, will be forced to take control. It will control all ministries, and files related to services of interest to citizens, and it will manage them with the capabilities it possesses, and it will force the world to deal with it as a fait accompli, and away from the original hijacked legitimacy, for patience has its limits that it is impossible to transcend.

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