About statements of Al-Attas

By\ Salah Al-Saqladi
SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

The statements of Al-Attas that he has made to Al-Arabiya channel these days, and the digging for the past, we should not stop at it too much, and that our view of these and other statements issued by symbols who were and still are a heavy catastrophe for our homeland and the future of its generations should be with some peace of mind and equanimity, even though reluctantly, and out of suppressing anger, as we understand the dictates and pressures, and the internal and regional promises that they submit to, and they are eager to win, looking at the gains and positions they are promised for at the end, and the worst of life time.


… Al-Attas and others of these disastrous personalities, unfortunately, do not care about the danger of what they say on the future of this country, and do not feel the slightest degree of responsibility for the accuracy, sensitivity, and complexities of the current situation, we see them ready to say and do anything in return for archaic promises to return to the fore and receive some miserable money crumbs.

In addition to that, I wish all the benevolent youth of today and the next generation not to be drawn into a policy of fueling past differences for internal political calculations and the hypocrisy of regional parties, and it is wise not to remain hostage to the desires and futility of these personalities as they entered the nineties, as we were victims of their recklessness and at the height of its violence and fierceness… Whoever walks while looking back will fall to the ground.

The present is burdened with challenges, and the future is booby-trapped with internal and external packages, as well as the accumulated legacy of pain and aches, so we must work to confront them be lined with the ranks, mobilizing energies and accepting the other away from the politics of possession, or the revolting search for personal interests among the remains of the dead and digging up the bodies and buried bones, history does not forgive every lazy, selfish, shallow-minded, and cranky say.

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