Al-Aslami: Where Brotherhood’s armored vehicles disappeared in Shabwa when Houthi advanced?


The political and media activist Ali Al-Aslami denounced on Friday, the approach of the Houthi militia to overthrow Shabwa, in conjunction with the disappearance of armored vehicles and Brotherhood forces crews, which committed many violations against the people of Shabwa during the last period.

He said in a tweet via Twitter: “A few weeks ago, we saw hundreds of new armored vehicles and military crews storming the districts of Shabwa, chasing and arresting the people of the province because of a peaceful demonstration in which they expressed their rejection of the rule of the Brotherhood militia, demanding the return of the Shabwani elite.”

He added: “Two days ago, Al-Houthi brought down the western gate of Shabwa from the direction of Al-Qundah, where have those armored vehicles and military forces crews suddenly disappeared?.”

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