Al-Kazmi about Islah: It is the Main Responsible for the Occupation of the South

SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

The head of Media office in Aden the capital, Huda Al-Kazmi, considered that the Brotherhood’s Islah Party is holding the main responsibility for the situation in the south, and for its occupation, pointing out to the history of its betrayals against the Arab coalition.

Al-Kazmi stressed, in a tweet on Twitter, by saying: “The Islah Party, after its invasion and occupation of the south, became the primary responsible for everything that harms the south and its people.”

Al-Kazmi said: ” That was not just enough for it, but the most important crimes the Islah committed in recent years in the summer of 2014 was stabbing the Arab coalition from behind and manipulating the course of the battle that delayed ending, the war and increased the suffering of civilians,” referring to “the terrorism of Islah in Yemen.”

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