Al-Sebaei reveals the causes of Corona outbreak in Southern governorates

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

Dr. Ishraq Al-Sebaei, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, revealed the reasons for the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in the southern governorates and said .. “The big problem that we faced was the displacement coming from the northern governorates, which has increased the incidence of infection. ”

“Last time, people were in shock about the pandemic and did not go to quarantines and hospitals, but this time the capacity of medical personnel in quarries increased after the increasing in the number of infections,” she added.

She stressed, “Precautionary measures are the only way to help from the Corona pandemic, the most important of which is wearing a muzzle and washing hands, especially during crowding.”

She concluded, “Everyone now knows what Corona is, and everyone knows the precautionary measures. The ministry is making efforts and the citizens does not respond to the call. The local authority has to intervene with the security to limit of Corona effects, as everyone is responsible for the spread of the pandemic.”

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