Bahshwan: Leadership of Arab coalition is called to overcome dangerous military situation in its areas of control

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The editor-in-chief of Aden Time newspaper, Aidarous Bahshwan, said that the drone or thermal missiles would not be the first nor the last on targeting Al-Anad base and its leaders, officers and members, as long as our backs were exposed without air defense cover.

Bahshwan added, in comments on the terrorist attack on Al-Anad base, which becomes within a stone’s throw of the aggression coming from the north, and surrounded by strange residents who monitor everything that is going on in it.

Bahshwan, who was recently appointed chairman of the board of directors of October 14 Foundation for Press, Printing and Publishing, pointed out on Twitter to the movements of individuals to and from the base and their marketing and their talking about the activities taking place inside it, in which it’s picked up by elements residing in the region who send information and coordinates, calling for the scanning of Al-Anad area, and purifying its surroundings, examining identities, and working to raise the awareness of individuals and raise their alertness of military secrecy.

At the conclusion of his comment on Al-Anad massacre, Bahshwan recalled that Al-Anad was one of the largest bases that enjoyed defense and air cover during the era of the southern state, and it was forbidden to approach it or build and live in its vicinity, which was covered by a large security and intelligence fence. He said: “The march flights and the firing of thermal missiles will continue unless the leadership of the southern armed forces rectify this dangerous situation on the human and material military capabilities in the south and call for an urgent meeting led by the Arab Coalition and Task Force 802 to take urgent measures regarding strengthening the seam areas with supplies to address such attacks in the future.”

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