Commenting on Brotherhood’s attacks on Ramadan Iftar projects … Al-Tamimi: It’s group without morals !!

By\ Anwar Al-Tamimi
SMA NEWS – Shabwa

Journalist Anwar Al-Tamimi emphasized that the Brotherhood is exclusionary and does not accept anyone but those who belong to their group.

Al-Tamimi said in a tweet on Twitter. This is how the Brotherhood is excluding others .. They do not accept anyone who is not affiliated with the group. They do not have national or religious values, a group without morals.

Al-Tamimi added, commenting on the Brotherhood’s attacks on volunteer crews in Ramadan Iftar campaigns in Shabwa: the Brotherhood soldiers attacked the Emirati Red Crescent team during the process of distributing Iftar meals, kidnapping individuals, and confiscating the meals they were distributing to travelers.

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