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Adel Al-Medwari – Southern Writer 

[su_dropcap]S[/su_dropcap]TC deserves love and loyalty from us all as it becomes the hard number in the field. It is the best representative of the southern people. Its leaders are now meeting ambassadors of major countries and work eagerly to restore the southern state. All ambassadors of Arab, eastern and Western countries are will to work with STC as a representative of the southern people. So, you, southern, should defend your representative with your writings and posts. defend it with your weapons along with heroes of southern armed forces and southern resistance. Defend every centimeter of the southern soil. Don’t listen to rumors or false news. Don’t believe those who are questioning the council’s loyalty and integrity. 

            You should realize that the enemy is not one person. We are facing many countries with its intelligence, money, agents and media tools that play suspicious roles to sabotage and conspire against the council, the south and the Arab project backed by Saudi Arabia and UAE. Those enemies are devising many plans with billions to by agents and establish terrorist cells in Al-Mehra, Shabwa, Abian and Hadhramaut. They aim to disturb Aden’s security and stability. You heard the confessions of terrorist cells arrested in Aden. 

            The past few days witnessed a false media campaign against the council just to halt the pursuit of restoring South Arabia State. the success of this pursuit means the failure of these powers and their plans and dreams. They will no longer exist in Yemen and their ambitions in controlling the naval passage of Bab Al-Mandeb will go in vain. This is why they declared war on STC. They realized the council’s power and position in addition to its international relations and determination to fight terrorism and its regional supporters. 

            Every southern should know that targeting the council or any of its leaders means targeting the future of the south and expectations of the southern people. The risk of this existential conflict, imposed on the south for decades now, are still true. This risk increases with the existence of these terrorist gangs represented in Al-Eslah extremists, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and its regional supporters. 

            In conclusion, God will help you to achieve victory over those who are trying to expel you off your lands. The council will remain as representative of the southern people and as a key player who is forming the current status-cue. Establishing the council came in response to southern suffering and sacrifices. Therefore, the council assumes its responsibilities towards the southern people’s rights and expectations. The council will remain and the south will be free and independent, regardless those who don’t want it to happen. Enemies will realize their lose soon when they realize that they are hitting a solid mountain with paper heads. 

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