Good Wills Never Restore a Right!!

Written By: Anis Shoutah – Southern Writer

[su_dropcap]H[/su_dropcap] ave principles and steady attitudes is an important thing, but what is more important is to have options. Our experience in the south proved that we lost several times although we had all means of victory just because of the lack of the most important political component: options.
Having options means that you are on the right path with a clear plan divided into interconnected stages that shortens your pursuit of your desired goals. This means to practice real politics with all parties that also have goals, interests and options, as all national, regional and international coalitions have goals, interests and options.
Of course, principles, values and honesty are good things among allied parties, but according to joint objectives and interests that are defined by necessity. What is more important is not only to understand and identify your main goals, but also your allies’ as well. And here comes the importance of options.
It is important to identify our options through identifying our allies’ goals and interests. Thus, we can build up our coalitions upon options with clear conditions and criteria. We still have time and we shouldn’t ignore this critical moment that our citizens paid its price of their blood, tears and sweat.
Good wills never restore a right. Good wills never build a country, neither protect it!!

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