Make noise or be silent, the unity is over..!

Written by\ Huda Al-Attas

The Houthis brutally executed 9 of the sons of Tihama, and it is considered a full-fledged official crime.

However, this official crime has not been faced with a strong reaction from the activists of the North, its politicians, and its media kitchens, in a magnitude equal to the ugliness of the crime, and in parallel with it in condemnation, rejection and confrontation, except for a faint sound here or there.


While for paradox and contemplation, we saw them with the crime of “Al-Sanbani”, which is an individual act and not an official crime like the action of the Houthi, they turned the world around and let the four sides heard their slapping, screaming and denouncing, and did not stop for days the fuss of their sites, pages and discussion rooms.

They are taking advantage of the crime immorally, their goal is nothing but to distort and demonize the Southern Transitional Council and to disturb the just claim of the southerners for their sovereignty over their land.

The comparison between that noise and this silence leads to the conclusions that:

For them, the matter is nothing but usage and is not related to humanity, principles, realizing moralities and rights, establishing the law, supporting the oppressed, and standing up to the oppressor.

– That tomorrow, if the southerners exposed to an act of genocide, as it happened, and still, they will be silent as usual, and they are still.

– The most important result is that the unity with the North has ended and the lesson learned that must be made clear to them and to the world that the southerners did not rebel against the regime of (Ali Abdullah Saleh, house of Al-Ahmar and the terrorist Islah party) did not rebel against the regime of your tribes and your military in order to fall under the clutches of the primitive dynastic rule of (Houthis), which united with what is left from the remnants of the aforementioned two.

Be loud or silent, the unity is over..!

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