Mansoor Saleh: Our partnership in the government for the stage and future will only be as our people want


The Deputy Head of the Media Department of the Southern Transitional Council, Mansoor Saleh, said that the positions clearly and strongly expressed by the President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, President Aidaroos Qassem Abdulaziz, Al-Zubaidi in his interview to Sky News Arabia, are the constants that the Council has repeatedly stressed as there will be no abandon for it and will not bargain with it.

Saleh pointed out that the Southern Transitional Council did not use one day in the conversations of its president and its leadership, as well as in its media speech, and in its communication with the whole world, the language of deception and maneuver, and it did not drive the illusion to others, rather it was very clear in talking about its goal and its cause, and what it expresses, and its vision and program of its work, which it quietly and steadily strives to accomplish, and much has been accomplished by it while it is continuing steadfastly to accomplish the rest.

He explained that the Council’s relationship with the brothers in the countries of the coalition is based on solidarity to confront the dangers facing the nation, which is a deliberate relationship with blood, as well as its relationship with President Hadi, as he is a southern leader and a legitimate president fighting a war in the face of Houthi, as well as his relation with the brothers in north Yemen, this relation that is imposed by geographical factors and the right of neighborhood, and we hope that it will be distinguished without harming the interests of our people and their fateful choices.

Saleh asserted that when the council accepted the partnership within the government of equality and entered into the Riyadh Agreement, this is not a deed of surrendering the alleged unity and selling the south again to the northern gangs, in the name of the illusion of the federal state, but rather a phased partnership that we hope will achieve everyone’s interests by uniting efforts to liberate the North in exchange for creating Conditions that ensure the fulfillment of our people’s aspirations and respect for their will to determine their political future.

He added: The future will only be as our people want it, which has delegated its honest, sincere, and watchful leadership over its interests, and will not impose any options upon it that it does not accept.

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