No to spread poisons of the past..

Written by: Eng. Yahya Hussein Al-Naqib Al-Yahri

The conflicts of the past are poisonous substances that poison minds, hearts and consciences, and these are the most dangerous types of poisons, so beware of them.

We will not be able to look forward to building the future and burying the tragedies and pains of the past as long as we are linked to that unfortunate past….

The wheel of development, advancement, and direction towards the future will not be able to rotate because of the past, which still restrains its rotation, but rather works constantly to change the direction of movement backwards.

So that we can walk towards a prosperous future and catch up with civilization and technology towards the era of human development,

We have to leave the past and forget it, except to take lessons only from it, the good ones to benefit from, and the bad ones to avoid.

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