Rats of occupation, will not terrorize us ..!

By\ Mansoor Saleh
SMA News – Cairo

Killing, oppression, and terrorism are characteristics that represent the common denominator of all occupation regimes around the world in dealing with peoples whose lands they occupy.

Only indecency and depravity are the extra characteristics that distinguish the Yemeni occupation in its dealings with the people of the South in the occupied territories.

What we saw and heard in Seiyun of killing, oppression, terrorism, and vulgar insults, reveals the true behavior of the Yemeni occupation regime in its dealings with the southerners since 94 until today, which confirms the sincerity of every description and definition we said about this regime and that we in the South suffer from the worst models of occupation in the world with terrorism, repression, and backwardness.

The same killing, the same repression and the same insults that we witnessed in Seiyun today we have seen it years ago in Aden, Lahj, Zinjibar of Abyan, Radfan, and Al-Dhali, as if history is repeating itself to scream in our faces “Do not forget and do not lax in defending your right to restore your state, because your glory and your honor is only in it”.

It’s the top of ugliness and hideousness for someone to occupy your land and plunder your wealth to get rich, while you die of starvation, and when you revolt, he kills you and oppresses you, and with all abjection and meanness, curses your family and your mother.

What makes the soul more angry is that these killers, who showed their courage in the faces of peaceful young men in Seiyun, were originally just mice that fled their land to steal and hide in fear and panic from the kids of Maran.

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