Southern forces are able to humiliate them as the Houthis

Sunday 15 November 2020
SMA News – Special

The southern academic and political analyst, Dr. Hussein Lakour bin Idan, said on Twitter:

We were waiting for them to commit suicide at the gates of Sana’a to liberate it from those who enslaved and insulted them, and they committed suicide in the sands of Abyan.

This is the state of the legitimacy of Hadi and Ali Mohsen, after humiliating defeats for them in front of the Houthi gangs on all fronts, they came searching in the mirage of the soft sands for an illusion of victory that their military history does not know.

They forgot that the southerners entered this war and they do not possess any organized force and do not have a weapon, and they get from the confrontation against the Houthis and the terror of the Muslim Brotherhood, as they have armed southern forces capable of humiliating them as the Houthis humiliated them.

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