Southern military expert: Al-Houthi and the Brotherhood are fake war in north and real in south to re-share wealth


The military and strategic expert, Brigadier General Khaled Al-Nassi, said during his intervention on “Our Cases” program on Al-Ghad Al-Moshriq channel, that the oil areas in the south are controlled by the Houthi Brotherhood’s influence, and those southern oil areas were controlled after the 1994 war by people who are all belong to the northern provinces.

He added: The ongoing war is part of the conflict over the southern wealth and between the northerners themselves, with the aim of re-sharing and controlling, while the southerners are still outside the circle and are working to fight the Houthi militias on the side of the Arab coalition.

Al-Nassi pointed out that there is a media Brotherhood policy that has worked and is working to create fake battles with the Houthi militia to mislead and was a major reason for what is happening, and in summary, the distance between Sana’a and Marib is 120 square kilometers, if the legitimate forces advanced fifty meters a day, real and actual progress, far from illusion, I assure you that they would have arrived and liberated Sana’a, but the control of legitimacy, as you know, are the Brotherhood, and what they do is promoting lies, and I can say that there was never a war and a real confrontation between the army led by the Brotherhood and the Houthis at all.

What happened and is happening today in Marib and the return to the south reveals, confirms and proves what we talked about in the past, including that the Brotherhood’s war on Al-Houthi is media, but on the ground, all their actions serve the militias.

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