Terrorism directed against the South


Written by: Qasim Abdulrab Afif

Aden the capital witnessed a second suicide operation, and this time its aim was to terrorize the civilian population, killed children and passersby of citizens, and targeted Aden International Airport, the only window to the world.

The South, its cadres and citizens have been subjected to regular assassinations and suicide attacks for decades, and has also become a target for drones and missiles that are launched from the north. The question is why the South is exposed to all these continuous terrorist acts? Who is the party behind such acts and for the benefit of those carrying out terrorist operations? And why only southerners are regularly exposed to this terrorist act? Is it not enough that they face a famine that kills them? Is it not enough that they live in the shadow of an almost complete cut off of the electricity and water system, and they struggle to live in the deadly summer heat? What did they gain? Was it not enough for them to have a deliberate collapse of the currency, what happened to the civilized world while it watched injustice and did nothing?

Whoever planned and executed such a terrorist operation did not belong to the human race. These are people who have been stripped of all religious, human and moral values ​​because the target site is a residential neighborhood crowded with peaceful residents who suffer hardship imposed on them, and there was no military target or an important military facility.

As a reminder, we witnessed the inauguration of such terrorist operations after the establishment of the unity between the south and the north in the year 1990, when Sana’a regime hosted the Arab Afghans after the end of their mission in Afghanistan and included them in the security and army institutions and their mission was to assassinate the southern cadre,

The presence of these jihadist formations was consolidated after the occupation of the south in 1994 to take the South as a starting point for its terrorist acts, and the regime’s goal was to hit two birds with one stone, one of which was to liquidate those who oppose it from the South, while at the same time deluding the world that the south is a hotbed of terrorism in order for the West to sympathize with providing aid to fight fake terrorism in the South, and it had what it wanted, as some countries helped it with technical and intelligence support and it trained anti-terror units, equipped with the latest means, which used most of those equipment to liquidate the political opposition to the ruling regime at the time in Sana’a.

We did not come up with this from us, but many secrets came out from some jihadi leaders, including those who spoke through television interviews, after they felt that they did not get the return they were promised after fulfilling the tasks assigned to them in the first raid of the South, and there was a clone of Al-Qaeda and the operation became an intelligence operation. It is possible that any regime can form its base that directs it against its political opponents, and so things have proceeded towards the emergence of many types of these formations, such as Ansar al-Sharia, ISIS and others, all of which are creating regimes through which they want to achieve political goals.

Do those who carry out such terrorist acts believe that they can force a people like the people of the South to surrender or to abandon their claim to a decent life? I think he or they are more important because this increases their determination to walk the path of restoring their dignity and will not be discouraged by such despicable actions.

Today, the South is at a crossroads surrounded by conspiracies on all sides, all with the aim of adhering to the goal of restoring the independent national state, and terror operations will not end until the South raises the flag of surrender, and this will never happen as long as there is a southern heart that is still beating.

This is the story with its fat and flesh. We call on the regional and international communities to reconsider their estimations, either to support the oppressed people of the South, or to remain in the gray area, prioritizing interests over the principles of human rights, in which the southern person is subjected to systematic destruction in everything.

The people of the South have no choice but to get their ranks together and unify their tools of struggle against the forces of terrorism that want to subjugate them, and take lessons from this incident and all previous incidents in order to know that their existence is in danger if they do not unite and that they must raise their sense of security to confront the ogre of terror and inevitably the will of the South is the victorious.

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