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The Brotherhood group is not against al-Houthi

By\ Mansoor Saleh


The Brotherhood is not against Houthiss, for they are the ones who supply them with weapons on the fronts, and they are the ones who fight those who fought and defeated them, and they are the ones who strengthen their internal front and their popular incubator by targeting the liberated governorates of the South through media and showing the Houthi areas as the best, and they are the ones who failed the Decisive Storm and described those who came to fight the Houthi as they came to plunder the ports and islands.

The Houthis and the Brotherhood group are “brothers” and they differ only on sharing the cake and returning the interests of the Brotherhood leaders and their investments in Sana’a, other than this, the Brotherhoods have no objection in taking the oath of obedience to Mr. Abdul-Malik AL-Houthi , as the Brotherhoods Secretary General, Al-Ansi, did when he visited Al-Sayed AL-Houthi’s cave in Maran and kneeled down before his knees.

As for the Muslim Brotherhood’s talk today about designating the Houthi as a terrorist group, it is only to give the world an implicit message that they are against terrorism and that they are not terrorists, pursuant to a proverb or story that says ” She threw me her disease and slipped”

It is funny and ironic that Brotherhood priests ask: Why do not the Transitional Council forces show solidarity with us in our campaign calling for the designation of the Houthi terrorist group?

The Transitional Council’s people are convinced that Al-Houthis are terrorist in view of the crimes they committed in the South, but they are more convinced that the crimes of the Brotherhoods have preceded the Houthis by stages and surpassed them and are still continuing.

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