The Continuous War Against the South

Written by:
Dr. Aidarous Al-Naqueeb – Prominent Southern Politician

[su_dropcap]Y[/su_dropcap]emeni war is full of strange surrealist paradoxes that can only be understood if we have deep knowledge with the nature of fighting parties and their embedded – not declared – motives.
In 2015, the southern fought with extraordinary courage and rare sacrificing spirit. With backup from the Arab Coalition, they managed to defeat coup forces and delivered liberated territories to the legitimate authority of president Hady. At the same time, legitimacy troops (of the north) stood still on a fixed point that never changed. That is; receiving ten folds of Arab support (Saudi Arabia and UAE) compared with what the southern resistance got and, nevertheless, appreciated.
The scenario of 2019 is no different from 2015 but the entrance of new players, who were confused in 2015 due to what happened to their former – current partners. While the southern are fighting a fierce war in Al-Dala’a (in both southern and northern directorates) to stop the new coup aggression of Al-Houthi/Affash militias, legitimacy troops open new fronts in Shabwa through creating unjustified and meaningless conflict that only serves, directly or indirectly, the coup agenda.
I will not get deeper in the relations between military aggressions on the south and leaks uncovering the real northern/southern conflict inside the legitimacy to force the president to transfer his authority to vice president, especially after the expansion of the gap among 2011 enemies and surrendering the parliaments to foes of youth revolution. I will not get deeper in rumors about coup/legitimacy allies to transfer the battel to the south after expelling president Hady and confiscating his powers. I will only advise rational (and irrational) decision makers in the north saying to them: You tried to drop the south to the knees in 1994. You managed to invade the south and force some of us to surrender to your policies as humble servants. But, are you satisfied? Did you succeed in building up your state that you promised the people with as soon as this war is over? Have you secured the lives of your citizens and followers? Did you open the horizon for developing this nation according to what you planned before your invasion to the south?
I’m not going to answer these questions. I will only say: If you ever try to mistreat the south again, with or without president Hady whom you didn’t allow to substitute a single employee in his own office, will only spread hatred against you in the south. This will only destroy the two peoples of the north and south. We have a better choice as southern, and you too (assuming that you are representing the northern people). This choice is the two-state choice with coexistence and cooperation between us. This choice is to stop playing trick and saying false claims that will do no good. Instead, it will do harm for the interests of the two peoples in addition to the harm you already did.

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