The crime of assassinating Al-Sanabani

SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital
By: Dr. Aidarous Nasr Nasser

The details related to the assassination of the young person from Dhamar (Al-Sanabani) who returned from the United States of America, which is said to have taken place by members of one of the security points in Lahj governorate, are still unclear, Indeed these details are unclear, but the assassination alone is a crime that must be condemned by all possible means, whatever the related circumstances, unless the killer was in self-defense from firmed attempt of murdering.

Many of the media of sedition rushed to grab the news and attributed the killers to the Transitional Council, and did not forget to add the well-known “Emirati-backed” necessary, although everyone knows that the Transitional Council is not a security institution, and that there are security institutions and agencies in each governorate that those in charge of those media may not be satisfied with, and the politicians who direct them to their leaders’ strict stances with crime, fighting terrorism and confronting the Houthi aggression.

It is important that the local administrative and security authorities in Lahj governorate take strict measures to uncover the circumstances of the crime and hold the perpetrators accountable so that they receive a just punishment through a fair judiciary.

The specific security authority to which the defendants belong must explain to the public opinion all the circumstances related to the case, and hand the perpetrators over to the judiciary, regardless of their characteristics, titles, positions, roles, regional, political or military affiliations.

And as my opinion has always been in such cases, whatever the value and status of the perpetrators of heinous acts and their previous roles, this does not allow them the right to commit crimes and does not give them immunity that protects them from accountability. Rather, referring them to investigation and punishing them according to the law is an ideal way to protect the institution to which they belong, and it prevented them from deviating and losing the respectable reputation that the southern security services has gained.

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