The Legitimacy is No Longer Legitimate!!

Al-Khadr Al-Maiseri

Southern political activist and writer

I read a piece of news on a group saying: “the legitimacy is intimidated by international interest in the Southern Transitional Council”. This is true no a joke.
Under the presidency of General Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, the council is not a group of scattered bodies. It is now a presidential council with 24 prominent southern figures, including six former governors, dismissed by president Hady in one day, who represent unique examples of well-trained high-rank leaders and administrators.
The council has a southern national assembly with 305 members headed by general Ahmed Said Ben Brik who is supervising 26 specialized departments with the help of Dr. Anis Lokman, vice chairman of the assembly. The assembly’s headquarters is located in a six-story building in Al-Tawahi Gold Moor and on its roof a ten-meter high post carrying the southern flag.
The council has a general secretariat headed by the smart young man Ahmed Hamed Lamlas and his deputy is the well-reputed educator Mr. Fadl Al-Gaadi, former governor of Al-Dalia. The general secretariat includes 26 specialized departments.
Each governorate, and each directorate, has a local leadership council to run it with Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali heading the local council of Aden the capital.
The council is now a political partner in war and peace with the Storm of Determination and the Hope Restoration. The council is now a political partner with the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE. The council is now the true guard of the region.
With its leaders and bases, the council is now a hard number that can never be ignored in any upcoming negotiations for permanent solutions.
The council is now negotiating with all southern political components, parties and NGOs to restore the southern state and form a unified delegate for negotiations on behalf of the southern state.
For all this, we should thank president Hady who, intentionally or non-intentionally, helped establishing the great entity of the southern transitional council. Sometimes, things go against the intended wills.
For now we can say, the legitimacy is no longer legitimate!!

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