There is no bargaining in the southern cause

By\ Dr.. Khaled Al Qasimi

Since 2007, when the people of the South decided to restore their state, my position has been clear. There is no room or escape from achieving this goal, whether it is long or short.

It is true that things changed, and the brotherhood Arab Spring of destruction came, and Yemen witnessed a war to restore what is called legitimacy, which has entered its seventh year.

With all these developments, the honorable sons of the South have suffered from hardship, lack of services, and suspension of salaries, but there is no way but to pray that the tragedies of this good people, who do not deserve all this suffering, end.

The position and the principle remain constant. There is no stability, security or safety for the region unless the southern state is restored.

I may differ in some analyzes with my southern brothers, and this is contained in freedom of opinion.

But the essence and the basis remains, restoring the state of the south is my goal as it is the goal of all the free people of the South, the Arabs and the world.

No wind shakes you, mountain, no matter what happens.

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