Transitional Council and restore the homeland and identity

By\ Mohammed Al-Ghaithi
Deputy Foreign Affairs Department of the Southern Transitional Council
SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

The forces of Sana’a regime have always used “religion” as means to achieve unlawful goals, such as killing southerners, occupying their homeland, targeting their identity, destroying their national institutions, suppressing their freedoms, and depriving them of their rights.

This dangerous terrorist trend has continued since 1994, as a tool for these extremist forces, in an attempt to control the south, blackmail neighboring countries, and threaten their security and economic and political future, in order to serve themselves and implement the agenda of other external forces.

However, the people of the South, with their awareness, will, sacrifices, their valiant armed forces, and the bitterness of the experience, and the understanding of the region and the world countries of the dimensions of this on the future of the region, have become able to resist and confront that approach, and understand its details and methods.

Today, the Southern Transitional Council under the leadership of President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, may Allah protect him, is proceeding with deliberate and precise steps towards achieving the national goal for which it was established, and there is no doubt that the challenges that the Council went through are great, whether political or military, however, it could overcame them well, and achieved unprecedented national successes.

Today, the current stage represents complex “political, economic, military and social” challenges, which the Council is making a lot of efforts to overcome internally and at the external level, and these previous and existing challenges are nothing but “stages” that were expected in front of a comprehensive political entity that took upon itself ((restoring a homeland and identity)) )).

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