Truth Can Never Be Hidden Even If You Pay!!

Mohamed Al-Gunaidy

Southern Writer
It is normal that everyone understands the public mobilization behind the southern transitional council. Nothing strange in seeing thousands of supporters behind the council along the whole south as people realize that the council has a fair and rightful cause, a public goal to achieve and a clear political project.
It is also normal to see the legitimacy, deliberately, dedicating a massive amount of its financial resources in buying certain writers to cover its corruption and failure. Also, nothing strange for an authority that exhausted the resources of a nation just to fell the pockets of its officials inside the country and in hotels of foreign countries, to spend a few more on those who have no principles, values or cause.
What is abnormal is that this authority and its bought writers may think that they can create an opinion or falsify an awareness by which then can block people’s vision and convince them that everything is ok while life becomes even more bitter every day.
People used to visit each other regularly. Now, if you think to visit a relative in Sheikh Othman, you need 6000 Riyals as a taxi fare from Hafoun to Omar Mukhtar and back. Now tweet with me as you don’t see!!

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