What did the forces want from blowing up the situation in Aden the capital?

By\ Khaled Salman

In the confrontations of Aden the capital, all the episodes and the beneficiary forces interferance, from trying to pull the rug out from under the transitional council, and wresting its capital with its symbolic connotations from under its authority by force of arms.

The Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and even the Houthis, all of them are partners in the explosion of confrontations, either by direct action or by joint responsibility, or by reaping gains, as a result of diverting the course of the conflict’s priorities, and the involvement of belts and support force in side battles, dissipating its power towards the branches and outside the main goal, which stopping the Houthi advance towards the librated areas:

– Al-Houthi benefits from such a preoccupation that helps it to expand with a little resistance, towards Shabwa, Hadramout and Abyan.

-Al-Qaeda dreams of overthrowing the regions and establishing its terrorist religious emirates in Aden, similar to its previous experience in Abyan.

-Legitimacy, through its media and hidden material support, for what happened in Crater, settles its accumulated backward accounts, with its traditional opponents, and takes revenge with the unforgettable uncivilazed mentality, for its expulsion in previous conflict stations from Aden, and works to compensate for the losses of the North, in controlling all of the South.

– Saudi Arabia and the coalition need a party that is less strict than the transitional council, in its demands and the ceiling of its political project, and more in line with the Saudi vision, for a settlement that is built outside the solution of the southern issue, a just and real solution.

* What happened in Crater, a first rehearsal to write off the transitional council or weaken it, which is an attempt to reflect alliances and overlaps in goals, either with direct support or in agreement with hidden desires, a rehearsal that will not be the last, in a series of disrupting the cohesion of the southern military and security establishment, and causing deadly breakthroughs at the level of passing elements that owe loyalty to the dual leadership, occupying advanced positions in the command structure, has been entrusted with similar tasks, if not more dangerous and broader in scope, than what happened in the past few days.

* In the events of Crater, the fact is evident that what you cannot achieve through politics and enticement can be extracted by firepower and vice versa.

* This is how the conditions for occupying the leadership position must be redefined, at professional foundations that transcend the people of trust and the region, to the people of knowledge and competence, unless that happens. We are on a regular date with another Imam (leader of outlawers in Crater confrontations), who presses the button of violence, shuffles the cards, and explodes the situation, and with it the cohesion and credibility of the speech and the strength of the transitional council.

Only by structuring the army’s security can potential horizontal and vertical cracks and inter-wars be avoided.

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