Who benefits from the bombings in Aden?

Dr.. Aidaroos Al-Naqib


It is clear that who planned and prepared Aden airport bombings had two goals in mind: security-political, and media.

The first objective: it was intended to liquidate the largest possible number of those who were in the plane that carried the government and its prime minister, even if everyone was inside the plane with the largest number of recipients, and if this goal was achieved, all efforts to implement the Riyadh Agreement would end and the political solution efforts would be gone with the wind.

The second: the media goal, which is to create a state of noise, terror and panic among the people and at the level of local and international media, which will mean that Aden is an insecure city and that it is not suitable for being a home for stability and the capital of a state, and perhaps something of this will be achieved for some hours and maybe for days, but it will be revealed once it is completed the investigations and showing who is behind this cowardly act.

Whoever does this act has benefits from the absence of a government in Aden, and will lose from the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

The most important thing that the bombings reveal is that the security front needs to be strengthened, to be tightened, to search for areas of weakness, and to pursue the groups that conduct sabotage operations and cover up for the saboteurs.

We must not forget two facts:

The first: The Houthi group, which launches its missiles to reach Makkah, Hafar Al-Batin, and Riyadh, is only shorter than three hundred km from Aden, and is able to send its missiles to what is further than Aden.

The second is that inside Aden there are thousands of informants, spies, terrorists, booby traps and coordinate experts who entered Aden in the form of displaced persons or sleeper cells that carried out dozens of terrorist operations, and these will not stop practicing their hobbies and carrying out the tasks assigned to them, unless their dens are uprooted and Aden is cleaned of them.

We are in no hurry to blame any party for the criminal act, despite the threads that have begun to unfold.

We pray for mercy on the souls of the martyrs, and we ask Allah for them the forgiveness, and the gardens of bliss for them, and we pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded and injured.

We hope that the government’s response will be that the ministers start their work and begin to restore the bright face of Aden and the rest of the provinces.

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