Who obstructs the parity government?

Written by \ Nasr Harhara
SMA NEWS- ADEN the Capital

For the benefit of whom is disrupting the parity government between the south and the north? This can be answered through a question, for whom does the parity government work?

Of course, the answer is in the interest of both parties (as the north benefits from the government mobilizing efforts and forces to fight the Houthi control over the north, and organizing efforts and capabilities to improve services and the economy in the south).

So who is disrupting the work of the government? The disrupting is the one who retreats in the north and hands over the forces, equipment, and fronts to the Houthis, and does not want any victory over the Houthis, and does not want to enter Sana’a, and at the same time does not want any stability or economic and service improvement in the south (so that the south does not separate), according to what they said and in the words of the former Foreign Minister Al-Mekhlafi.

So it is clear who is obstructing the government. This does not need a genius to be discovered, but rather it can be realized by everyone with insight (which is the northern half) and some southern tools.

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