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Our Cause is Fair and Clear, and Right will Finally Prevail

Written by: Khattab Nasser – Southern Activist
Our southern cause is a message of struggle and resistance. It is the will of people determined to restore their rights and they are willing to sacrifice, with full faith in freedom. They are able to achieve victory.
Our southern cause was baptized by the blood of martyrs and major sacrifices for independence along our history of struggle.
Our enemies and those who are against our southern cause should know that we will maintain our revolution and we will stay loyal to the bloods of our martyrs. We will protect our southern people and restore our southern state, no matter the costs are.
Our enemies, from any party or any group, should know that they are away from justice and right. Today their conspiracies are exposed as doubting the southern cause and overcoming its leadership is no longer accepted.
There is a great difference between those who seek terrorism and those who seek their rights. Our glorious people can achieve their expectations and they are determined to achieve independence. Our people will eventually achieve victory over your arrogance and terrorism. The message of our people will prevail and our flag will rise over Aden, the Capital of our free independent state.

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