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Our Fair Cause and The Secret Behind Conspiracies Failure

Written by: Adel Al-Obaidi – Southern Writer
Ancestors said: “God Provides Victor to the Just State, even if its not Islamic and never gives victory to unjust state, even if it is Islamic”. Justice is the standard for survival and victory for any regimen, regardless its religion. So, imagine how things could be if the state is Islamic and just! God, of course will make this state victorious and lets it prevail.
Any country, a nation or even an individual can question the love of southern people to their Arab or Muslim brothers, nor can they question their good neighborhood and preserving others’ interests. Therefore, thanks to God and our fair cause, all conspiracies against the south will fail, internal or external, that try to occupy our lands and exterminate or identity. No matter these conspiracies vary, and no matter how powerful their weavers are, the south was vulnerable to conspiracies since independence till today, the last of which was in August 28th, 2019. Failure was the fate of traitors and the secret behind their failure was our fair cause that can be summarized in the fact that the south has a distinct identity and the south, before 1990, was an independent state and member in UN. Now, it is time for this state to be restored.
Our brothers in the Arab Coalition, especially Saudi Arabia that fosters Jeddah Talks between STC and Yemeni Government, regardless these talks are fail or success, should deal with STC according to the fair cause and legitimate rights of the southern people, not according to calculations of political interests, at the expense of our fair cause. This is especially true as the strategic relations between the south and Saudi Arabia was proved effective with the expulsion of Al-Houthis from the south. The Saudis now well that security and stability of Saudi Arabia is insuperable from stability and security of the south. Security of the south can never be achieved but the southern themselves. This means to stabilize STC control and governance over the south.
The Yemeni Eslah party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, will never stop its bloody criminal plans and its tries to maim this strategic relation through misleading Saudi Arabia that exterminating Al-Houthis and stability of the kingdom can only be achieved through empowering Muslim Brotherhood to rule the southern governorates. This can never happen neither for STC nor for the southern people. Al-Eslah is lying to Saudi Arabia. Only by deception, they can convince Saudi Arabia without knowing that the kingdom is amid real war against Iran and its Al-Houthis allies in the north and Turkey, Qatar and their Muslim Brotherhood allies in the south.
Saudi Arabia should realize this false episode and to reject all all Al-Eslah lies about the internal security of Saudi Arabia at the expense of the fair cause of the southern people. Saudi Arabia should be fully confident that its internal stability stability and security can only be guaranteed by the southern people and STC.

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