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Our Victory is Inevitable

Written by: Saleh Masawi – Southern Writer
Values of right and justice will prevail and one day their flags will rise over Shabwa. That day is very soon and everything will be as it should be. We knew that when Shabwa Elites were here. Don’t overestimate the power of the enemy as they are weaker than a spider’s web. They will not stay in our lands for long. And for sure they will go and they will be defeated. This land belongs to its people and invaders will gain nothing but humiliation of defeat. Sun rise always follows sun set. The light of justice always shines while unjust always fades. Defeat will never touch our spirit and victory is very near. Victory is from God and God’s will will always prevail. When the time comes, our heroes of Shabwa Elites will be there to defeat invaders whole will flee like rats Shabwa with all its sands, beaches and mountains will live in peace and security again and forever.

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