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Political Facts

Written by: Professor Salem Al-Shabhi
Chairman of Health and Environment Commission

The Southern Transitional Council Internal, regional and international recognition of the Southern Transitional Council is based on the following facts:

  1. The council’s popularity in the south.
  2. The council’s delegation by a wide range of the southern people as recognized internally and externally.
  3. The council’s political vision and possession of documents and man power necessary for running the southern state internally and externally.
  4. The council is a strategic partner for the Arab Coalition in fighting Persian Tide.
  5. The council has a presidency, a general secretariat, a national assembly, permanent commissions and associations and local leaderships in all southern governorates.
  6. The council has representatives and offices with foreign recognition in some Arab and European countries in addition to USA.
  7. The council has a military power represented in the Southern Resistance, Southern Security Belt and Southern Elites Troops.
  8. The council has offices and departments that monitor and evaluate all changes on the internal and external fields in addition to receiving delegations of international bodies and organizations. These offices and departments are open and well-known to everyone in Aden.
  9. The council has offices in all southern governorates and directorates. This establishes the southern recognition of the council.
  10. The council hosted dialogues with all southern figures and components. These dialogues are continuing inside and outside the south to establish the southern lineup as a step towards restoring the southern state on 1990 borders.
  11. The council has commissions working on the first draft of the southern constitution.
  12. The council is preparing for declaring the Consultative Council, Military Council and other southern associations related to the council.
    This means that the council has the public support and the ability to lead the southern state. of course, there are several other southern parties and components. Most of them joined the council while the rest are still outside the council’s umbrella. But facts assert that none of these powers have the same capabilities and associations of the southern transitional council.
    Through these capabilities, the Southern Transitional Council is the first option to lead the south and establish the southern state’s organizations and systems through public, regional and international recognition.
    The south is coming hundred percent. The only solution is to restore the southern state. the southern national identity is an honor and dignity.

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