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Presidency of STC Discusses New Development in the South

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
General Ahmed Said Ben Brik, acting president of the southern transitional council, headed the regular meeting of the council’s presidency held on Sunday September 8th, 2019.
The council’s presidency appreciated the bravery of southern armed forces in their war against Al-Houthi Iranian militias and terrorist militias of Muslim Brotherhood in addition to appreciating security forces and security belt troops who are keeping law and order in Aden.
The meeting discussed recommendations of Decision-Making Center concerning current developments during August. The meeting also discussed a report field by the president’s consultant for legal affairs concerning military situation in Aden and other southern governorates in addition to measures to be taken about it.
The meeting greeted the crowds of last Thursday who mobilized to Al-Mualla street in Aden and the capitals of Hadhramaut and Socotra to express gratitude and loyalty to UAE.
The meeting asserted the importance of full alert against all tries for exhausting the southern victory especially facing rumors of the enemies and fostering southern lineup around the political and military leadership of the south.

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