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President Calls for Military Determination to Liberate Al-Hodeida and Save Citizens from a Humanitarian Disaster

SMA News – Abu Dhabi – Exclusive
His Excellency, Marshal Abd Rabu Mansour Hady, President of Yemen and Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, called for the national army and southern resistance troops with backup of Arab Coalition to use military determination to liberate Al-Hodeida city and port as the situation in the governorate is approaching a humanitarian disaster because of Al-Houthi actions and their intolerance against political solutions to end the Yemeni crisis.
President Hadu said: “We were, and still are, seeking peaceful solution according to the three references including the Gulf initiative, its mechanisms and outcomes of the inclusive national dialogue in addition to Un Security Council Decision no. 2216. We made many concessions to avoid military solution but we will never allow the abuse of our people’s suffering and detaining them as hostages to prolong the war that coup militias started in the first place”.
In an official statement, the Yemeni legitimacy government indicated that all peaceful and political means to convince Al-Houthi militias to leave Al-Hodeida were exhausted. The statement indicated that Al-Houthis used to use Al-Hodeida seaport to smuggle Iranian weapons to prolong war and kill Yemeni citizens, as the port was turned into a military base to launch military attacks against Yemeni and Arab Coalition troops, in addition to threatening international navigation through intimidating commercial ships passing through Bab Al-Mandeb strait.
The statement also indicated that since its control over Al-Hodeida port, Al-Houthi militias captured cargo ships with humanitarian aids and deny citizens to get the aids through selling them in the black market or keeping them for its militants. This denies the Yemeni people even from humanitarian aids.
The government asserted that after full liberation of Al-Hodeida, the government, with support of the Arab Coalition, will fulfill its national responsibilities towards Al-Hodeida citizens to relieve their suffering and restoring life conditions to normal in all directorates after being cleared off Al-Houthis. The government will work with all its capacity to restore normal life as this sectarian militia destroyed its infrastructure and public facilities through turning them into military barracks. Even schools, hospitals and governmental facilities were robbed and destroyed.
It is noteworthy that president Hady’s call for military determination through backup of Arab Coalition to Yemeni armed forces and southern resistance troops came to alleviate unjust and suffering off the shoulders of Al-Hodeida citizens and to establish the authority of the legitimacy government over the city.

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