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Professor Al-Wali sends important and urgent call to doctors and health personnel in Aden

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Prof. Abdel Nasser Al-Wali, member of the Presidency of the Transitional Council, head of the local leadership of the Transitional Council in the capital, Aden, Deputy Chairman of the Council’s Relief and Humanitarian Action Committee, sent on Thursday important and urgent call, to all doctors, and health and nursing cadres in Aden the capital, to join their colleagues in the battle to tackle epidemics, viruses, and fever diseases that began to invade the country.

Dr. Al-Wali’s call said:

My dear brothers and fellow doctors,

Your great work that no one but you can do, you are the first shield of the nation and its immune barrier, and if it cracks, the nation cracks.

Come with us to the field, stand with your experience and strength next to your colleagues, support them and help them, we need the most experience in this fateful battle, go down to private and public hospitals, there is a battle that needs all of us ..!

1- The curfew started gradually from today

2 – The protection methods are existed and gradually provided, and there is scarcity in the whole world.

3 – Al-Amal Center is ready (and MSF “Doctors Without Borders” have handles its supervision and the situation will improve in cooperation with them). We are seeking to equip a center in Al-Gamhorya hospital. We have got it ready, but the doctors are needed to cooperate.

We need everyone without exception ..

Start with yourself.

Do not allow us to be defeated, nor will our hospitals collapse, together we will defeat the disease despite all circumstances.

Remember, 2015 was tough, but it didn’t defeat us.

Dr.. Abdel Nasser Al-Wali

Aden the capital

May 6, 2020

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